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Grigor Dimitrov

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One of the most talented and charismatic players on the ATP Tour, Grigor Dimitrov’s combination of power and grace on the court is unmistakable. Now the once dubbed Baby Federer is here to show you a side of him that you’ve never seen before. Join Grigor as he shares the secrets to his beautiful one handed backhand and the strategies to incorporate into your next practice that will empower you to take control of every point you play.

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Meet your new instructor; Bulgaria’s most successful tennis player in history, Grigor Dimitrov. As a young boy, Grigor’s parents put a tennis racquet into his hands to help burn his youthful energy, unbeknownst to them beginning a long journey.

From an early age, Grigor’s parents have been there to support and guide him. Looking back, he reflects on their support in helping him reach for the dreams he had made for himself.

On the junior tour, Grigor was known for his incredible talent and at times his lack of discipline. As he grew older he saw that things would need to change in order to compete at the highest levels of tennis.

No matter what your profession, to excel at your craft you have to find your own unique reasons to motivate yourself. Grigor shares his motivational philosophy and gives you advice to push through day in and day out.

Tennis is about much more than just technique and what you do on the court. The mental side of the game can be worked on at any moment of the day, Grigor shares how little details throughout the day can make the difference in your next match.

When it comes to match strategy there are always things to prepare to be ready for your opponents game but you should first understand your own game. Grigor shares how understanding your own strengths and weaknesses will help you be ready to face any opponent that comes your way.

Grigor reflects on a moment at the U16 European Championships that he credits as being a pivotal moment for his future and has led to over a decade on the ATP Tour. No matter what your personal situation is, if you take ownership of your journey, you can achieve anything.


For players with a weaker backhand side, it is common for opponents to attack that side of your court. Grigor shares his favorite pattern drill to show you how to neutralize a point with a defensive backhand and work your way back into an offensive position.

Grigor takes you through one of his favorite drills to help you with your transition and finish at the net. Keeping things simple with this fundamental drill will give you the confidence to move forward and dominate your next opponent.

This unique and face paced volley drill will be sure to get your hands and eyes ready for anything. Grigor shares a new drill he’s put into his practice routine to keep things fresh and fun.


With one of the most beautiful and effective one-handed backhands on tour, Grigor takes you through every detail of the stroke. From the grip, to the set up, and follow through, Grigor leaves no stone unturned in this comprehensive class on the one handed backhand.

After understanding the fundamentals behind the one-handed backhand, utilizing the versatility that that one handed backhand provides is the next step. Grigor takes you through the keys to learning and executing the one-handed backhand down the line.

Whether you have a one hander like Grigor or prefer the two handed backhand, the slice is a critical shot to master. Grigor will teach you the fundamentals to improve your slice immediately.

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Get to know the real Grigor Dimitrov. The good, the bad, and hilarious.

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