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Fernando Verdasco

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As a 19 year veteran on the ATP tour, Fernando Verdasco has seen it all from his 2009 Australian Open semi-final epic clash with Rafael Nadal, 7 ATP singles titles, and Davis Cup clinching singles wins. His journey from a young boy in Madrid with big dreams to becoming a Spanish legend didn’t happen overnight. He shares his story and is here to teach you the drills and fundamentals that helped him develop one of the most feared forehands in the world.

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Meet your new instructor: Spanish legend and Davis Cup champion, Fernando Verdasco. After 19 years on tour Fernando details his journey starting as a young boy with big dreams growing up in Madrid.

Fernando discusses his early development and progression as a player in Spain. Learn how his practice schedule and belief he could be great grew over time.

Becoming a Spanish champion in Segovia was a turning point for Fernando. Learn how the ages of 15-18 were pivotal to Fernando’s journey in becoming a pro.

Molding his game from idols like Andre Agassi, Fernando found an identity in his aggressive style of play. He also gives advice to young players with dreams of being a pro.

Fernando describes his heartbreaking 5 hour 2009 Australian Open semi final epic against Rafael Nadal and the joy of finally breaking through against Nadal in Madrid.

Tennis is a lonely sport. Fernando discusses the importance Davis Cup has played in his career and how those weeks with the Spanish team are some of his most memorable.

As a veteran on tour, Fernando gives tips on how to have a long career and how he is as motivated as ever to continue his success on tour.


This drill is great for working on rhythm and finding a groove. Alternating between cross court and down the line balls. Fernando shows you the importance of also changing up speeds, spin and height on each ball.

Fernando shows you a drill he has been doing since he was a kid and still does today. This is a great way to find your rhythm and perfecting the fundamentals.

This a drill that Fernando did for many years on his way to the top of tennis. This is a high intensity drill that helps you hit all of the shots on the forehand.

A drill that helped Fernando develop his dominant forehand. This high intensity drill will help you develop all the shots with your forehand and get comfortable hitting on the move.

This is a great drill to work on your conditioning. Hit 2 forehands line and then 2 backhands cross.


Spending the time each day on your serve is so important. Most players don't spend nearly enough time. Watch how Fernando practices his most important serve.

Missing in the net, long, and wide are the three mistakes you can make on your serve. Learn how you can avoid those costly mistakes.

As the Bryan Brothers said, Fernando has the biggest forehand on the tour. Learn how he generates his power to create his massive forehand.

Behind The Scenes

Get to know the real Fernando. The good, the bad, and hilarious.

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