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Aryna Sabalenka

Highest Ranking #2

After turning pro at 16 years old, Aryna Sabalenka has enjoyed a steady rise into the WTA top 10, and claimed the 2018 WTA Newcomer of the Year award. Now the big hitter from Belarus is here to teach you the drills that helped her develop huge groundstrokes, and the technical cues that are the foundation for her massive serve. Aryna’s steady progression up the rankings didn’t happen by accident. Learn how she manages her game, emotions on the court, and how her fighter’s mentality drives her to be the best.

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Meet your new instructor: 2018 WTA Newcomer of the year, Aryna Sabalenka. Join Aryna as she shares her journey from a young girl growing up in Belarus and the real reason she picked up the game.

No one starts out in the game grinding cross court, down the lines at a young age. Aryna discusses the fun memories she had of her group training and remembers some of her favorite games that incorporated point play and fitness.

At just 16 years old, Aryna began playing professional tournaments, and saw first hand what it takes to be a pro. She discusses her focus on enjoying the fight and the process which led to her steady progression up the rankings.

Rarely does a player walk out onto court and find that every aspect of their game is feeling 100%. Aryna discusses how she manages her game when things aren’t feeling perfect.

Confidence is important to any athlete, finding that confidence can make you feel powerful and capable of doing anything. After her first WTA title at the Connecticut Open in just her first full year on tour, Aryna’s confidence was sky high.

Aryna relishes any opportunity to play for her country and her team.Here she discusses how her first Fed Cup experience and playing against a top 30 player gave her confidence that she belonged at this level.

Life on tour is full of highs and lows. Aryna shares the keys to her continued success on tour lies in her ability to give everything she’s going and always enjoy the journey.


For aggressive baseline players, controlling the point with your forehand is key. Aryna shows you her favorite drill to gain confidence and practice controlling the point and moving the ball around the court with your forehand.

Movement and recovery after your shot is crucial to put yourself in the best position for the next shot. Here Aryna shows you one of her favorite drills to work on her wide forehand and explosive recovery.

With her big serve and aggressive groundstrokes, Aryna see’s a lot of short balls during her matches. This is a drill she does frequently to keep her sharp and confident to execute a short ball finishing shot during a match.


Known for her big serve, Aryna uses her height and power to her advantage. Here she shows you the keys to unlocking extra power and speed on your serve to turn your serve into a weapon.

Behind The Scenes

Get to know the real Aryna. The good, the bad, and hilarious.

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